Estate Planning

Thinking about your financial future? So are we!

Our objective is to effectively and efficiently reduce clients’ tax liabilities and help them accumulate, protect, preserve, and transfer wealth, thereby supporting our clients’ full financial lifecycle.

The cornerstone of our philosophy is the belief in comprehensive estate planning. You’ve worked hard to attain your lifestyle and we want to help you create an estate plan that will benefit you and your family in the future.

Working together, the experienced accountants of TRP Sumner and your trusted attorney, insurance agent and investment advisor listen to your objectives, identify options, then work to design a plan that can minimize the taxes and maximize the portion of your estate that passes to your heirs.

There’s an aspect of smart estate planning that’s often overlooked. It’s important to make sure your loved ones and trusted advisors have easy access to all the information they’ll need to carry out your final wishes and settle your estate in accordance with your plans. During times of sorrow, when people aren’t thinking clearly, having your plans and wishes detailed – and readily at hand – alleviates added stress for family members.

Who should you – or your family, when the time comes – call for assistance? Call us – TRP Sumner! We will work with your attorney and others to make sure your wishes are carried out. Consider everything that’s involved in the estate process:

  • Initial filing with the county clerk of court
  • Appling for an estate ID number from the IRS and opening a bank account
  • Paying bills for the estate
  • Transferring assets as set forth in the Will
  • Filing the estate Inventory and many other documents required to complete the Probate process
  • Filing estate tax returns when necessary (and advising when it’s not)
  • Final distribution of assets
  • Closing the estate with the county clerk of court

That’s a lot to do, and much of it is confusing. It’s also time-consuming and stressful at a time when loved ones are already dealing with a loss. For years, you’ve trusted us to handle your tax and accounting matters. Recognizing that effective estate planning must consider all aspects of your financial position, it just makes sense for us to help guide your estate strategies as well. Expert estate advice from a trusted friend? That’s TRP Sumner.

Achieving financial security and peace of mind starts with a plan – contact our trusted advisors to plan a roadmap for you that will help guide the direction of your estate and ensure that your goals are met and your family is secure.