TRP Sumner has some exciting news to share about one of our own! At the end of last year, Partner Keith Raynor, CPA, CAC, CGMA, was appointed to the Board of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants (ASAC) as the Southern Director representing 11 southern states. These states include Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Keith has been a Certified Agricultural Consultant (CAC) with this organization for five years.

The ASAC was formed in 1963 with members comprised of experienced, diverse and influential groups of agricultural consultants. The ASAC is a non-profit association dedicated to raising the ethical standards and professionalism of agricultural consultants. It is the only professional association representing the entire spectrum of agricultural consulting and members are located throughout the U.S. They serve clientele both domestically and globally.
In 2018, Keith became North Carolina’s first and only Certified Agricultural Consultant as identified by the ASAC. His CAC designation is the highest level of achievement a member can reach within this organization. Certification ensures that consultant service is delivered with the highest standards, integrity, and quality.
Members attain the distinguished CAC designation by participating in a rigorous program designed by ASAC to uphold and ensure standards in the quality of service provided to clients by members. The CAC designation is the premier mark of professionalism and excellence for agricultural consultants.
As you can imagine, Keith provides valuable tax and accounting expertise for his numerous clients, both agricultural and other, here at TRP Sumner. He also shares his knowledge with other agricultural organizations utilizing webinars, conferences, and other venues. TRP Sumner is honored to have Keith as a valued partner and proud of the great service he gives our clients. Thank you, Keith! If you see him today, give him a high five and a shout out!

Information from the website of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants was used in writing this article.