Estate Planning

Thinking about your financial future? So are we!

TRP Sumner offers comprehensive estate planning services that include:

  • Helping you create an estate plan that will benefit you and your family in the future
  • Helping you accumulate, protect, preserve, and transfer wealth
  • Supporting your full financial lifecycle by effectively reducing your tax liabilities
  • Working with your trusted attorney, insurance agent, and investment advisor to design a plan that can minimize taxes and maximize the portion of your estate that passes to your heirs

Is Your Family “Good to Go”?

There’s an aspect of smart estate planning that’s often overlooked. It’s important to make sure your loved ones and trusted advisors have easy access to all the information they’ll need to carry out your final wishes and settle your estate in accordance with your plans … especially since death or becoming unable to handle your own affairs doesn’t always come with advanced warning.

For more information about our Estate Planning and Good to Go services, contact TRP Sumner.